Election Information

Election and Voting Information

As of 8:00pm on Nov. 8, 2016 the Town of Liberty Grove had the following outstanding absentee ballots: 8 regular absentee ballots, 1 permanent overseas ballot, 1 military ballot, 2 undelivered ballots.

Janet Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer


If you are registering for the first time in Liberty Grove you will need to show proof of your residence.  For information of the various documents you can use go to following link:  www.elections.wi.gov/publications/voter-guides/proof-of-residence

Would you like to run for Town Board Chairman or Supervisor? 

Download the these forms from http://www.elections.wi.gov/ and turn in to the town office.

ETACF-1, EL-162 & EL-169

Look for your ward using Liberty Grove Wards here.

Who can vote at a town meeting:

Any qualified elector can vote at a town meeting.  See State Statutes 60.14 & 6.02 and 6.10.  You will be asked to declare your permanent residence.  If your permanent residence is not Liberty Grove you will be asked if you have been at your Liberty Grove residence for 28 days prior to the Special Town meeting.  If you have you are a qualified elector and can vote.  If you have not been here for 28 consecutive days you cannot vote.  Your Liberty Grove property must have a dwelling on it that you have lived in.  You will be asked to sign in and register your intent to vote.

To check the status of your absentee ballot or check your voter history

State of Wisconsin Government Accountabilility Board

The State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has all the forms available for download at their web site. Below are links to some of the most requested forms.

GAB-121 Absentee Ballot Request

GAB-131 Voter Registration Application