• State statutes require your Town Board to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens
  • Officials have told us that the coronavirus may make its way to our area.
  • The majority of Town residents are of advanced age and are more susceptible to the virus.
  • Local health resources are limited; If a large number of people get the virus, it will be a huge burden on those resources.
  • The Board has met in emergency session and endorsed the following measures to slow the movement of the virus:
  1. All Town facilities are now closed, except the Town office for voting purposes only
  2. Essential Board and committee meetings will be held electronically using Zoom; Information will be on all legally posted agendas
  3. Limit travel to necessary tasks only
  4. Limit gatherings to 10, with a 6-foot spacing between each person
  5. Bars, restaurants, and other facilities have been closed by the Governor

The Town Board actions and compliance by Town citizens can keep the spread of the virus from reaching wildfire status. Slowly moving or total stopping of the spread would be ideal.

The following resolution has been adopted which gives the Town Board the authority to take certain action in the current emergency:



WHEREAS,The infectious disease named COVID-19 has been identified in the State of Wisconsin as a disease which can spread through the community as a danger to public health and safety, and

WHEREAS, No cases of said disease have yet been diagnosed in the Town of Liberty Grove—yet Town residents and visitors are at increasing risk of contracting said disease, and

WHEREAS,  The World Health Organization has declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, and the US department of Health and Human Services has declared a Public Health Emergency, and

WHEREAS, Wisconsin Governor Anthony Evers has issued Executive Order #72 declaring a health emergency in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus; and

WHEREAS, In order to protect the health and well-being of its residents, the Town of Liberty Grove must avail itself of all resources at its disposal to respond to and contain the presence of COVID-19 in the Town.

THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Town Board of the Town of Liberty Grove, Door County, Wisconsin, as follows:

  1. Pursuant to the powers available under Wisconsin Statutes Sections 323.11, 323.14, 323.15 and all other applicable provisions of Wisconsin Law, a Public Health Emergency is hereby declared in the Town of Liberty Grove consistent with the statewide declaration of a public health emergency by the Governor.
  2. The Town of Liberty Grove is authorized under this declaration to make use of volunteer health practitioners to maintain and restore the health, safety, protection and welfare of persons and property within the Town.
  3. The Town of Liberty Grove is authorized under this declaration to undertake whatever actions are necessary and expedient for the health, safety, protection and welfare of persons and property and in doing so may bar, restrict, or remove all unnecessary traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, from the highways and Town streets. This includes hours of operation and limitations of occupancy for the Town businesses.
  4. As this declaration of health emergency is consistent with a similar declaration by the Governor applicable to the entire State of Wisconsin, the Town of Liberty Grove may employ personnel, facilities, and other resources consistent with an emergency plan adopted to cope with the problems of local disasters.
  5. John Lowry, Town chairman, and/or his designee is authorized to undertake and direct the activities outlined herein on behalf of the Town of Liberty Grove.
  6. The period of this emergency declaration shall be limited to a sixty (60) day sunset clause that may be extended or ended by order of the Liberty Grove Town Board.

This resolution was adopted at a special meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Liberty Grove this 17th day of March 2020.