Annual meeting postponed to a later date

WHEREAS, a state of emergency exists due to the pandemic situation in relation to the COVID-19 virus;

WHEREAS, the Wisconsin governor has issued a safer at home order which is now extended to Tuesday May 26 2020;

WHEREAS, Act 185, recently passed by the Wisconsin legislature, allows chairmen of Wisconsin towns to postpone the annual town meeting to a date “that is not during the period beginning on the first day of the public health emergency and ending 60 days after the termination of that order”;

WHEREAS, the earliest date the town meeting could be held would be 61 days after expiration of the public health emergency;

THEREFORE, I, John Lowry, Chairman of the Town of Liberty Grove, pursuant to the authority granted by 2019 Wisconsin Act 185, do hereby declare postponement of the Liberty Grove Annual Town Meeting from Tuesday April 21 to a date that is at least 60 days after expiration of the Wisconsin state of emergency, which notice of Annual Meeting shall be posted according to law.

Dated this 17th day of April 2020.