Notice is hereby given that the Town of Liberty Grove is soliciting bids/quotes for the following in 2021:

Pulverize and pave with hot mix asphalt, compacted to the listed thickness:      

                Mink River Rd: STH 42 to County ZZ, 2.75 mile, 26 ft. wide, 4.0” thickness

Note: Bidder to take into account paving radius at intersections.  

Additional requirements: Work to be completed prior to July 15, 2021. Follow pulverizing with a rubber-tired roller. Vendor to compact ahead of paver. Town shall do the finished grading prior to paving. Notify Town office prior to staking. Two lifts of LT 58-28 S per WDOT specifications. State total lump sum cost. Bidder to state price per ton in place of asphalt mix. Asphalt specification: LT 58-28 S hot mix asphalt per the latest edition of the WDOT specifications, section 460.3.1. Materials shall conform to sections 450, 455 and 460 of the latest edition of WDOT specifications, and current WDOT ASP 6, 460.2.1, which include the regression of air voids from 4.0% to 3.0% with asphalt cement.

Omitted requirements: nominal thickness (sec. 460.3.2); ride quality and testing (sec. 440); nuclear density (sec. 460.3.3); PG binder and tack coat sampling & testing (sec. 455.2.2 and 455.2.3); cold weather paving (sec. 450.3.2.1); and safety edge (sec. 450.3.2.11).

Additional: testing of asphalt mix per section 460.2.8 shall be done to verify required air void specifications. Documentation of testing and load weight slips shall be provided to Town within 15 days of project completion.

Alternate bid: Hot mix asphalt surface course, omit section 460.2.1 (2) regression of air voids with asphalt cement. Deduct $ ______ per ton.

Obtain bid form and further information at the Town Office, phone number 920-854-2934; fax 920-854-7366. Sealed lump sum bid shall be submitted by 8 AM Monday March 29 at the Liberty Grove Town office at 11161 Old Stage Road, Sister Bay, WI 54234.  Certificate of insurance must accompany bid. Any proposals submitted after this date and time will be rejected. It is anticipated that bids will be opened at a meeting beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday March 29 to be held at the Town Hall at 11161 Old Stage Road (possible virtual meeting, watch for meeting notice). The Town of Liberty Grove reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids it deems to be in the best interest of the Town, to accept any part or combination thereof, to waive any technicalities, and to accept any proposal deemed most advantageous to the Town, including the purchase of larger material quantities at the same cost per ton quoted price.  Town reserves the right to postpone award of the work for a period not to exceed 30 days from the date of bid opening. Bids shall remain firm for that period of time.

Walter L. Kalms, Administrator