Economic Development Resource

Funding resources for new and existing businesses in Liberty Grove


  • Wisconsin Business Incentives
  • Wisconsin Department of Commerce
  • 5 Questions Entrepreneurs Need to Ask when Searching for Small Business Start-up Grants
  • Investopedia (
    • The 4 Most Common Reasons a Small Business Fails
    • How to Get Free Money from the Government to Fund Your Startup
  • WikiHow (
    • How to Get Funding for a Startup Business
    • How to Apply for Small Business Grants for Women
  • WI Economic Development Corporation (
    • Idle Sites Redevelopment Program
    • Entrepreneurial Micro-Grant
    • Comunity Development Investment Grant
    • Business Development Tax Credits
    • Brownsfields Grant Program
    • Bueiness Development Loan Program
    • Entrepreneuship Support Program
  • NWTC
    • Grants for Business/Employee Training and Education