Park & Picnic Areas

Parks and Picnic Areas in the Liberty Grove Area

Grandview Park Grandview Park is a Liberty Grove gem.  Located at the top of the Ellison Bay hill this park is the scenic overlook of Ellison Bay and sits on top of the Niagara Escarpment.  Parking for this park is on the Liberty Grove Historical Society property at 11871 Hwy 42, Ellison Bay.  Take the gravel driveway in and look for the parking signs.  There is no legal parking on Hwy 42. A park for walking, sitting and taking in the view year-round, you don’t want to miss it. Dogs must be leashed in this park.


Ellison Bay Community Park Ellison Bay Community Park, located at 11953 Hwy 42 at the south end of Ellison Bay, is ideal for families to spend the day relaxing.  Tennis courts, children’s play ground, picnic tables and BBQs along with plenty of grass to spread out a blanket and relax.  There is a sandy beach for swimming.  There is a covered gazebo to come in out of the rain. The Women’s Club building or grounds for a tents can be rented for family reunions, weddings and other gatherings. Contact our Town Hall for rental information.  Dogs are not allowed in the beach area of this park. Non-motorized craft launching on the rocks west of the pier.

Ellison Bay Community Park 1
Ellison Bay Community Park 2

Sand Bay Town Park Sand Bay Town Park located at 11154 N. Sand Bay Lane on the lake side of the peninsula. To find this hidden treasure, head east on Waters End Road just about to its end and turn left on N. Sand Bay Lane, a short drive and turn to your right to finda shallow sand beach just right for families with young children.  There is plenty of room to run, swings to play on and BBQ’s available for picnics.  There is a concrete bathroom available at the park.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach or the picnic areas of this park.  Non-motorized craft launching at the north end of the park. This is also a great location to begin some cross country skiing.

Sand Bay Town Park

Hotz Memorial Town Park Hotz Memorial Town Park, located at the eastern end of Europe Bay Rd, is the right spot for a quiet family picnic with a swim in the lake.  Take Hwy 42 north to Europe Bay Road, turn right and stay on it until it ends, the address is 349 Europe Bay Road. This park is located on the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula and has picnic tables, BBQ’s, bathroom facilities, and a sandy beach.  Located in a wooded setting it offers a quiet place to escape to. Dogs are not allowed in the beach area of this park. Non-motorized craft launching at the north end of the park.

Hotz Memorial Town Park

Gills Rock Park Gills Rock Park is located at 12724 Wisconsin Bay Rd just off of Hwy 42 in Gills Rock.  Right next to the Deaths Door Maritime Museum, this park has a covered picnic area with grills, picnic tables, benches and a large play area for kids.  There are bathroom facilities open from May thru October.  Visit the museum and enjoy a picnic lunch.  Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Gills Rock Park 1
Gills Rock Park 2

Fitzgerald Park Fitzgerald Park is at the corner of Old School Road and Garrett Bay Road in Ellison Bay. (1594 Old School Rd).  This park has a small playground, covered picnic area with tables and BBQ, toilet facilities and a baseball diamond.  The large grassy area makes this a great place for family gatherings. In winter, an ice skating rink is flooded when conditions are right. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Fitzgerald Park 1
Fitzgerald Park 2

Europe Lake Boat Launch Europe Lake Boat Launch is a shallow launch for smaller boats and non-motorized craft located at 460 Europe Lake Road.  The small grassy area also has a picnic table, grill and bathrooms from May to October. Take Highway 42 to Europe Bay Road, turn right and then turn left onto Timberline Road, Europe Lake Road will be the first road on the right. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Europe Lake Boat Launch 1
Europe Lake Boat Launch 2

North Bay Boat Launch North Bay Boat Launch is located at the end of North Bay Road (9883 North Bay Rd) and enters Lake Michigan waters.  This launch is only recommended for shallow vessels and non-motorized craft.  A single bench is available for sitting and there is a small parking area.  This is not a recommended swimming area. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

North Bay Boat Launch

Wisconsin Bay Park Wisconsin Bay Park is a wonderful walking park located at 740 Wisconsin Bay Road.  Take Hwy 42 and turn left on Timberline Road, as the road bears to the left, look for the gravel entrance on the right. There is a small parking area along with a picnic bench and park grill.  Enjoy the beautiful view of Death’s Door.  Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Wisconsin Bay Park

Porte des Morts Park Port Des Morts Park is located at the north end of Kenosha Drive. Turn left off Highway 42 and you will find a gravel driveway near the end (12832 Kenosha Dr). This park offers a great view of Death’s Door and is equipped with a picnic table, bench, and grill, or take the staircase down to the water and enjoy a leisurely break from reality. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Porte des Morts Park

Isle View Park Isle View Park is located at the easterly end of Isle View Rd, watch for a gravel entrance at 167 Isle View Rd. This park has a small picnic area overlooking Lake Michigan waters.  A picnic table and grill are available to sit and enjoy a picnic with the view.  The more ambitious person can climb down the small bluff to the water below. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Isle View Park

Wills Park and Marina Wills Park and Marina is located at 12033 Cedar Shore Rd, just west off Hwy 42 in downtown Ellison Bay.  Daily launching is permitted upon payment of launch fee.  Overnight (transient) docking is available on a limited basis, contact the Harbor Master at (920) 421-1974 for more information. For information on annual slip rentals contact the Town Office at (920) 854-2934.  A viewing park was recently added and equipped with benches for a wonderful view of our Door County sunsets. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Wills Park and Marina 1
Wills Park and Marina 2

Garrett Bay Park The Garrett Bay Park is located at 1310 Garrett Bay Rd.  This is a quiet sports launch area for non-motorized craft with parking across the street.  Enjoy a quiet picnic in the woods or sit by the water.  This is also the site of one of the sunken ships on the Great Lakes, The Fleetwing, lost in the late 1800’s. Dogs must be leashed in this park.

Garrett Bay Park 1
Garrett Bay Park 2